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Online gambling has now become just as widespread as live gambling. Considering the number of people connected through the Internet, it is just a matter of simple arithmetic when one wants to imagine the percentage of people involved in this activity.


So, if you were an avid online player, what would be their very first concern on your mind. The answer is simple: security and fairness.Reliability and trust have often been the criticisms thrown at any service offered online and no less is said for online casinos. In fact, these traits are even more in question as the very nature of the virtual casino is betting on games of chance in cyberspace.Players would undoubtedly feel the need for some kind of assurance that the games they play are as fair as they would find in a land-based casino. Cases of fraud have been reordered.The most common complaint is the refusal to pay withdrawals and to pay withdrawals promptly.These casinos, with several complaints of fraudulent behavior, are called rogue casinos. Rogue casinos tend to hold out on their payments of withdrawals in the hopes that the player will continue to play with the money in their account until this has all been lost again and therefore belongs once more to the online casino.Cheating software, where odds were apparently adjustable by the operator, have also been found.Blacklists of rogue casinos are posted throughout gaming portals and player forums.


Virtual casinos use two main things to answer this growing concern over fraudulent behavior and overall reliability.The first important note to their credibility also lies in the presence of random number generators. If the casino software has this, the odds that operators can tamper with results are lessened. But the second key is the kind of software used to stem fraud. Most of the software used by virtual casinos are from well known companies and often this is enough to build a good reputation.


To address the fairness of online casino software, an assessment body has been formed. Coined the eCOGRA, short for eCommerce online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, the objective of this body is to ensure prompt payments, safe and secure storage of information, randomly selected games, honest advertising, and responsible behavior.eCOGRA gaming sites are constantly and consistently checked and re-checked by an independent accounting firm to make sure that standards set by the international gaming world are strictly and regularly maintained.


There are added benefits to being approved by the eCOGRA.These benefits include professional and training services and market support in order to meet standards already set in the international gaming world.Furthermore, those virtual casinos with this seal of approval are given expert training in how to deal with and stem the attendant problems to running an online gambling site.


What does this all mean then for online casino software fairness?It means mainly that not only is this important and taken seriously but it is important enough to be a topic that requires a watchdog body.Players are given the chance to become more and more secure with their games and more secure playing in virtual casinos in general.The fairness of the casino software is directly tied to the popularity and very existence of online gambling.

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